Why kids are great! 

Kids are awesome because 

  • They love belly buttons. 
  • They dance out of nowhere for you.
  • They cook you food. 
  • They ask for strawberries all year round.
  • They share their freshly sucked paci/dummy with you. 
  • They ask if you need them to help wipe your bum. 
  • They give spontaneous kisses. 
  • They swim on your wooden floor. 
  • They clap when they’ve eaten their dinner.
  • They clap and praise when you’ve done a wee. 
  • They love it when you swirl in a dress. 
  • They swim with sharks in the bath. 
  • They read you a story holding the book upside down. 
  • They always grin when you hang your face above them. 
  • They hysterically laugh over ‘silly billy, smelly belly’ and other rhyming words.
  • They pick you flowers (from the neighbours garden) 
  • They love cuddling the dog/cat/bunny. 
  • They make you drawings. 
  • They run at you from kindergarten with open arms. 
  • They think your the prettiest mum/dad ever.
  • They have ‘phone calls’ with anyone at anytime. 
  • They sleep like angels. 
  • They find you all sorts of bugs. 
  • They would share their favourite sweets.
  • They eat the spread of the sandwich. 
  • And lick the filling of a cookie. 
  • They go on an adventure out of nowhere. 
  • No one is better then their mum or dad. 
  • They get extremely excited over a surprise. 
  • They love playing in a box.
  • They think your wobbly bits are soft and cuddly.
  • They give you a drum solo out of nowhere. 
  • They love talking to people about you.
  • They love you unconditionally. 


The heartache of evaps

Low and behold, there is a line.
*This is my test, a few hours after testing and not seeing a line at first.

Anyone who has taken numerous pregnancy tests squint.
Desperate to see something, (or nothing) even the faintest line.
We keep the test, relook, put it away.
Look again.
Bin it.
Look again, each time you open that bin.

Its frustrating and very elusive.
When you stare to long at one place, things will appear, especially lines.
So we take a picture, filter, send it to a friend..

Something is there.
You both agree, you think about when you took the test and realise you are outside the time zone.

That right there, should not have happened.
When the time zone is done, you need to destroy that test.
Freaking stamp on it, take it apart, put it through the shredder, drive your car over it! It is UNVALID.
After the time zone the strip test starts drying out, which sometimes results in discolouring of your pregnancy indicator line.

Any line is a line, you don’t get false positives.

That is BULLSHIT (excuse the language) reread the above written text and you tell me that the line of dried out wee and test colouring is a positive line.

Then there are blue dye tests.
These tests are evil. These tests will say unless there is a clear line it is not considered valid. WTF?!
See these little devils leak..
They leak either just within the grove of your pregnancy indicator line or just outside.

Example of leaked lines.
I mean come on!
You have been warned, buy them if you want but you get just as much result as pulling yes or no out of a hat.

Have you ever had an evap or leaked dye line?
I am angry and sorry, I genuinely am.

10 ways to keep them eyes open

Welcome to the matchstick club!

Seriously.. Whomever told my son that 4.30 is the new 6am, I will find you..
And I will send Liam Neeson to you.
I could sit, slumber and struggle to keep the matchsticks in place (and probably nod off one or two times) or help myself stay awake.
But how do you do it, when you have no energy what so ever?

  • Eat the right foods
    What ever you do, do NOT skip breakfast! Don’t eat big filling meals and try to limit sugary snacks, they all make you crash hard.. Snack yes, just keep it healthy, if your lucky like me all your snacks will be divided by the amount of kids you have.
  • Exercise
    I have had bad bad days, but lets face it, the sofa will swallow you up at some point today.. Do a quick 10 star jumps, walking after your toddler to close the kitchen cabinet for the fifth time does not count. 
  • Nap
    Always a good one, unfortunately if you have kids this will not work. You see, kids smell that you are needing and trying to rest, so they will stay awake and become extremely demanding. Do not risk this option.
  • Get dressed
    You won’t get out of the pj mood if you stay in them. Go to the bathroom, wash yourself and attempt to get dressed without having a mini human empty your full wardrobe (that alone will sharpen you up).
  • Flick a switch
    Going from dark to bright helps waken you up, play peekaboo with longer peek and boo times (also a saver way not to break your light bulb)
  • Sing
    Breath control is a great way to get energised from the extra oxygen. Perfect time to whack out ‘best Disney songs’ we all know the words better then the latest top 40 songs these days..
  • Do something new
    Though I often fail when Im tired, nothing keeps me more focussed, concentrated, off the sofa, busy then trying out a new recipe, challenge myself.
  • Water
    Did you know by not drinking enough you reduce your cognitive function by 30%! Its not only good to drink but also to splash, sudden bursts of water on our face helps us wake, bring on bath time!
  • Keep busy
    Now is the time to sort the toys out! Not only will you entertain your child, you finally get that dreaded task done. Sort off, as long as your quick enough to keep the throw away pile together..
  • Laugh
    Perk up to wake up, do something silly or watch something funny and I don’t mean that quick giggle when you see your toddler awkwardly prevent himself from falling over.

If all fails, lay on the floor. I will promise you, your tiny humans will not let you sleep.

chocolate oreo cupcakes

What do you want to do Alex? 

– Bake cupcakes! 

Don’t you want to go play in the garden together and look for bugs? 

– No, that’s okay, I’ll do that when logan comes back because he hasn’t seen a worm yet. 

Fair enough, so what cupcakes are we making? 

– Chocolate ones!! They’re my favourite!

Ok let’s get started. 

Alex sits on the kitchen side, as he’s a typical 4 year old, he can not stand still, so standing on a chair without falling at least once is not an option.. We set out all our ingredients and I’m quite proud when he easily reckonises all the ingredients. 

Hee alex, should we make chocolate oreo cupcakes? 

– Why? 

Just asking, thought you might want to try something new. 

– Yeah yeah, we can do that, they are my favourite! 

The ingredients list. 

put all the dry together and mix through, then add the wet on top and mix as you go. 

Preheat the oven to 350f (180c) bake for 15/20min, toothpick test to see if they’re done.

Chocolate oreo cupcakes

  • 1 1/2 cup flour
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/3 cup of cacao 
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1 cup cold coffee or water 
  • 1/2 cup of oil 
  • 2 tbs white vinegar 
  • 1 tbs vanilla paste
  • 1 cup of crushed Oreos 

Additional note, the coffee will give a more indepth flavour, I don’t see why decaf won’t work. 


  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 1/4 cup coconut oil (solid) 
  • 1 1/4 cup powdered sugar
  • 3 tbs (almond) milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla paste
  • 1 cup crushed Oreos 

Put the frosting on once the cupcakes have cooled down completely, store in the fridge or a cool place. 

I don’t like allot of frosting, you could easily double this! Also I didn’t have any vegetable shortening, I replaced it with the butter and coconut oil. I always do frosting on taste, adjust to what tastes good to you! 

Alex proudly told his dad what we done when he was out. 

– I made chocolate cupcakes dad! Do you like them? 

I do, but my favourite are the coconut ones. 

– Oh yeah, they’re my favourites too!

*original recipe from Chef Chloe, altered to our taste* 

The urge to test

My heart is pounding, I’m stupid.
Why do I do this to myself? 

I can’t help it. I received my shopping and there it was.
Big bold letters on the  packaging show ‘pregnancy test‘.
Why do they make it that big?!
Doesn’t matter which way you put it in your trolley, up or down, the bold letters always stand out.
I avoid the loud colours one, seriously…
As if anyone wants to shout out ‘I’VE GOT A PREGNANCY TEST’ in the midst of a busy shop were gossip happy Stacy, who knows your mothers friend Elaine, walks right passed you the moment you grab it of the shelve.
Things like that go round like a wildfire, before you know it you’ll be pregnant with triplets.


I have butterflies in my stomach, it’s seven days before the wicked witch is suppose to visit, I am stupid. 


I have the urge to pee, I always do when there is a stick in my house.
I can’t help it.
I know it is too early, but it’s a compulsion, I have to pee.
I know it will be negative but I will still feel disappointed.
It doesn’t matter how bad the timing is or if it’s better to wait and not to be, I always feel lost and sad to read a negative result.

Why do I do it? Why do I set myself up for disappointment?
Since the deed happened that could possibly have made me with child I have not stopped. Every little twinge made me wonder, the cramping, the discharge, the slightest difference in breasts.

I’m bursting, I’ve been holding it for a while now.
I charmingly pee in a plastic party cup, so much for being an ecomum today.
I stir, for 10 seconds and stare.
There is the line that the test works..
Ok.. I’m scared.
I lay the test down and turn my back to write this.
Two minutes have past, it’s time to look.


I squint and hold the test at different angles. The shadow of the window portrays a line, my heart jumps, but it disappears as I change the angle.

I hold it in the light, nothing.

I hold it from the light, nothing.

I take pictures, perhaps it will show then..

I think I’m starting to see something, perhaps I’ve been looking for too long..

So I take it apart. I take the stick containing my pee apart.. I will get it on my fingers but that’s why we got antibacterial soap..

I can see the line where the pink dye is supposed to stick when it’s positive.
Pink dye is great, it rarely leaks.
Blue dye sucks, it leaks often and has given me a false negative before.

It’s negative, there is no denial.

This is why I bought a double pack, I won’t test for another 4 days. Even then it’s early.

But I can’t help it..

Analysing body fluids

‘uuh’ ‘aaaa’ ‘mum mum’ ‘ooh’

6.20 ugh finally we’ve passed the 5am mark, time to wake up.
I stumble to the toilet as today I need to pee in peace, not with a toddler on me..
I need to analyse my obsession, look at the discharge, hope for an increase because decrease would  most likely mean I’m not.
It’s still there, phew.. It could mean nothing, we’re not even ttc..


Oh right, Logan is up.

As I open his bedroom door I am greeted with wide arms and the crying starts.
I understand, it is overwhelming to see me in the morning.
As I lift him out I get the best cuddle, followed by a wet sticky substance in my neck. I look at him closely, bright green thick snot is blocking up both nostrils. Great.
It’s green, green means the bug is leaving, it’s the road of recovery snot.

Definition of mucus colours;

  • Cleargreat, healthy, nothing to worry about yet. Unless it’s runny and soon turns foggy.
  • Whiteusually the start of a cold or nasal infection, start loading up on Vicks, chamomile tea and dust off the humidifier.
  • Yellowyour body is fighting the potential infection, be prepared for a cold lasting 10 days or more.
  • Greenyour body is fighting the big battle and the green fluids are the soldiers from your side that did not survive, help your immune system gain, eat fruit, take in the sun. 
  • Black unless it’s dirt please consult a doctor, this could be a sign of a serious infection. 

I am armed with a muslin, ready to fight the battle on the outside, but I’m often too late and left with snail trails on my trousers or shirt.
Who said motherhood isn’t glamorous?

Tips on how to survive

  • SteamingOn bad days we stand in the bathroom and put the shower on the hottest setting, sometimes I add a drop of olbas oil and put the plug in the bath.
  • HumidifierSame point as steaming, added bonus is that you can have it in their room without much hassle
  • A wet cloth/muslin/towel over the radiatorAgain, add two or three drops of olbas oil just to help clear the airways.
  • Vapor rubs –  Use an age appropriate version, rub it in on the chest and back to help ease symptoms. Old wives tale is to smother the bottom of the feet and cover with socks, it hasn’t worked for us but does for others, always worth a shot? (three months onwards)
  • Chamomile teaMy old time favourite, hot drinks are great to help clear mucus but chamomile actually helps break it up, also anti inflammatory and helps ease the stomach (suitable for all ages, can be passed through breastmilk) 
  •  Elevate the mattressput a spare pillow or a couple of folded blankets at the head end, make sure you check at night as my oldest always ended sleeping at feet end.

What are your tips to help your little one ease through a cold?

How to succesfully clean with a toddler

Sometimes they just do not let you have the day you need it to be.
You need to clean and they decide you simply will not.
They will not nap.
They will not happily play.
They will not sit in their high chair all day.
They rather just be right in front of your feet or cling on one leg.

I usually wear my toddler on my back, when I need to vacuum, cook or put washing away but since he started walking he is not always in the mood and I respect that.
Unfortunately my house doesn’t clean itself (someone, anyone! Please upgrade technology!)

There are a few things that I save for lunch or snacktime, when he is safely in his highchair, such as the toilet (ever so interesting to drop items in) or cleaning out the litterbox (who doesn’t want to ride their digger in there)

So here are my handful of tips to hopefully make your life a bit easier.

  • Have a cupboard in the kitchen with pots and pans they are allowed to play with. Normal toys don’t always cut it, its more fun to play with something that isn’t theirs.
  • Let them help you, even if it’s not that helpful. Avoid tantrums, give a wet wipe or fill a clean spray can (preferably new, we all know they cant resist putting it in their mouth) with a bit of water and give a cloth. Ask older kids to help clean big toys.
  • Make a game out of tidying up toys. No one likes to pick it up and no one likes to stand on them, so be noisy, sing a song, do a dance, they will soon follow your lead. If not, at least you done your daily exercise.
  • Place a basket of rotating toys near the wardrobe. Rotate often, nothing is more attractive than pulling out neatly folded clothes, distraction is key on this one!
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals. Do I really need to explain why? Antibacterial  really isn’t healthy to lick.
  • Fill a bowl with soapy water and put it on towels on the floor. How much fun is playing with water, why not combine it with small dirty toys? Or for a less messy option, take them with in the bath!

If all fails and you really need some help, perhaps its wise to invest in this

What are your tips to clean with tiny humans around?