When a change is needed

There is no one more judgemental then you to yourself.

Us mums really like to take a beating. Especially by ourselves, we think about it at night, we think about it after our child doesn’t behave a certain way or we behave in a way we should not.

So what do you do?
I read it everywhere, we should stop.
We are doing just fine.
We should be less harsh on ourselves.

But should we really?
Say whaaaaaaat?!
Yes! Think about it… If you think YOU can do better or act more appropriate instead of that little tiny overreaction we had when our child climbed on the table for the 10th time, why not change?
Why do we think it’s ok? And what can we do to change?
(of course this doesn’t count for everyone, it counts for those thinks it should count for them)

When we are tense or emotional it’s often a sign of having too many feelings cropped up and too little outlets to handle them.
You can talk about it more with your partner or your friend but that doesn’t always help.

So I challenge you.
For 10 minutes a day.
Seriously, you can find ten minutes of giving your child a snack in their high chair or during naptime or you know, instead of tidying the house for the fourth time today.

Why you shouldn’t do it with a youngling on the lose..

Change into something comfortable that allows you to stretch and do sun salutations.
Yes, yoga..
It’s a challenge, be open for it, and for a week long try to do it for 10 minutes.
I’ve posted my favourite youtube video of it, just try.
One week is all I ask for and you tell me in all honesty whether or not you feel different after.
And by no means do you have to have experience!!


It’s not my video, I do not know the lady in the video, it’s not advertisement.
I’m just talking of personal experience after a great friend reminded me of sun salutations and I am so much more relaxed about everything throughout the day.
It’s hard to explain the feeling, I suppose you could say I have more inner peace but I’m scared that might scare some people away who think I’m just another yoga hippy (which in reality I am, haha) 


Let me know how you get on if you do decide to give it a go!


7 thoughts on “When a change is needed

  1. Ten minutes seems totally doable, doesn’t it? I decided I was going to do our elliptical, the one collecting dust in our bedroom, for 30 minutes every day. Because I can make the time for that! It’s a challenge but one I continue trying to make it happen. A good suggestion.

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  2. Very inspiring post. I know sun salutation well and used to do it. It is like yoga for your whole body, packed in a small package. My yoga instructor used to say that by just doing this, you will do a lot of good for yourself. And so true, it doesn’t take much time. To all the lovely ladies out there, trust me you don’t need any prior experience for sun salutation. Its pretty easy. I have been busy lately but yes I can take 10 mins out for myself. Thanks for sharing it and reminding me of this beautiful sun salutation.


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