Teething, remedies and dangers

Another night interrupted, filled with cuddles of comfort.
It can’t be nice to wake in such pain and I’m sorry I can’t always relieve it.. 

I am no fan of painkillers, frequent use can be very dangerous and have long-term, sometimes damaging, effects.
As teething can last for months at a time it is not my to go to form of relieve.

I prefer to seek for more natural remedies, here are my favourites;

  • Chamomile tea
    The best all-rounder, its stomach soothing – anti-inflammatory – anti-irritant – sleep aid and muscle relaxing.
    Suitable from the early months, can be taking by mum to pass through breastmilk or made with the boiled water meant for formula, I would advice to do 3  cups/ bottles a day to reach full benefits.
    You could also freeze the tea in ice cubes, tie in a muslin to let baby gnaw on it.
  • Baltic amber
    Works for some not for others but I say it is worth a try! Scientifically there isn’t a lot of evidence but mama’s words prove different
    It’s not easy to find an honest real Baltic amber trader but once you do, it could be worth investing in an anklet or necklace, which ever you prefer (please make your necklace into an anklet at night to avoid choking risks)
  • Chew objects
    Any safe kind, at a young age mine preferred objects on room temperature, but now molars are appearing cold and frozen seems to do the trick.
    Sophie the giraffe is a well known favourite, light and multiple chew options!
    Cold carrots sticks for older babies, do be careful for bits that can break off.

As I am looking into natural relief for teething I keep stumbling on recalled and dangerous products out there, claiming to be a great product to help soothe teething pains.
At the top of its market are teething gels, oh yes, recalled by the fda, these little substances often contained benzocaine, found in oragel and anbesol (which was my favourite with my first son) they have since adjusted their ingredient list and now use Lidocaine Hydrochloride, a drug that has unknown long term use effects (benzocaine once had the same unknown effects until a pattern of side effects appeared)
A close second being teething granules/pills, I am all for homeopathic but allot of companies have taken interest in it and use beneficial natural products like chamomile but often diluted to extreme tiny amounts (funny enough broadly advertised on the front) that it will barely work. A famous one being Hyland’s teething tablets, who contain belladonna, their product has been recalled due to uncontrolled amounts of belladonna giving adverse reactions leading to extremes as seizures and brain bleeds. They have been put back on the market 9 months later with a child safety cap and now claim (like before) to have controlled measurements of belladonna. Hmm I’m not convinced..

Of course, I know at least one or two people who read this will think
‘but my (grand)mother/I used such and such and I/my baby turned out fine’  (unfortunately it takes that one time where it won’t turn out fine)
Or the famous ‘if it wasn’t safe it would not be sold’
(don’t go there.. I will throw the most notorious one back which is, why do they still sell cigarettes?)


I am puzzled, I will stick with replacing my toddlers water to cold chamomile tea for now.
But do not despair!
I am working on a paste that will work similar to teething gels but using whole cloves (steeped in oil) mixed with coconut oil to harden.
A safer way then using essential clove oil (advised against under 2 but great to numb gums!) so stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Teething, remedies and dangers

  1. Luckily, my children never really had fussy teething periods. All three of my girls just sprouted teeth without me even knowing they were coming. Then, my son….oh he was a different story! Boys are whiney! He never really had teething pain, just general crabbiness. 🙂


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