Not the mama! 


I used to watch dinosaurs, thinking it was funny, the baby who would do all sorts of things to his dad all because he was not the mama.

Not so funny when it actually happens in your own home..
You see my dearest youngest son goes through days where he flat out refuses anyone’s care but mine and he will do everything he can, in order to get it.


I rarely have lay ins.
As soon as daddy gets up we know what’s going to happen, he will go with him quietly or it goes a bit like this..
It’s as if he thinks; oh noo not him again, you can see the disappointment in his face and he throws himself back. I get him out of bed and he will look at our bedroom door, when I walk the opposite direction towards the stairs the crying starts.. I do everything the same in the morning as the mama but he won’t accept it. He will go to the living room door, sit there and cry, pushing it so it makes noise. I can’t cuddle him, distract him or even bribe him. He simply won’t stop until she comes down.’


It is slowly getting better though, when we first started introducing foods we done a mix of baby led weaning and mashed foods. If I didn’t hold the spoon he would refuse to eat. No matter how hungry, he would not take a spoonful of anyone.
Night time waking is done by yours truly too, perhaps that comes from having breastfed him at night but he dropped it at 11 months.
Now he goes in screaming-banshee-mode if anyone else goes near him.


I can’t just get ready.
Getting ready for a (super rare) night out involves loads of distractions but usually ends like this

 And yes I always end up with a massacre of mascara near one of my eyes. 


There are loads of possible explanations why this is happening..
One thing people love to point out at me for making my baby too dependent

Thanks to carrying him

Or perhaps it’s because of doing what a woman knows best to do, for too long (though I would have loved to still be doing it!)
logans birth 1

Or maybe we should go down to the root of all evil.
That place where it all started..
28 weeks


Though you can be a small pain in my backside from time to time, I love how close we are right now.
Daddy patiently waits for when it’s his turn, once you become more interested in what he does.
And for now I will have limited lay in days on the weekend, until you are ready to let me go that bit more..


14 thoughts on “Not the mama! 

  1. We go through this sometimes-not as much as you though. But I understand how frustrating it can be. Isn’t it funny how quick people are to tell you what you’re doing wrong? That is a lucky little guy you have!! And it’s hard to imagine now, but one day you’ll get to sleep in as much as you like…and it might (maybe) make you sad. Haha! I love the pic of you two when you’re getting ready-so cute!!

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  2. My kids are with me 95% of the time and the 5% they go MAYBE go to their dad’s for the weekend if he feels like being a dad.. They’re all pretty much mom’s favorites.. However I do miss that show! It was awesome


  3. Oh, goodness, I know this one really well! Both my boys were attached to me (and me only) for their first two years or so, and then there was separation anxiety which hit later! 😛 It ends up being worth it but there were some crazy days when I thought I might never be able to go to the bathroom in peace again! 😉
    Btw, I love the new look and feel of your blog!

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  4. That can be tough when they only prefer one parent. I think it’s just a stage though and he’ll grow out of it eventually. My son goes back and forth with who he prefers. He loves when daddy goes in to get him from a nap or morning because it’s something different. If it’s just me it’s like, “oh it’s just you again!” haha Then, there are other times he only wants me to read the books. I tease my husband that I’m just a better reader!

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  5. All little ones go through this for a time. 🙂 it will change at some point. My daughter is now a total daddy’s girl but until she was 2 it was all about me. I am enjoying the time off a little now. 😉

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