When it’s one of them days..




He stops to see what’s happening on the TV. 




He stops again. 

That’s me, very unfiltered, tired, headache and done. It’s been going on over e-ve-ry-thing all day long. 

Want a pear? Ok I’ll peel it, not good, don’t want it cut. Cry. 

Want a cracker? Ok, one for you and for your brother. Don’t want it. Cry. Brother has his, cry because now you do want it. 

Your full of cold, I need to wipe your nose. Cry. 

You want to get up the chair but fail. Cry. I put you on chair, cry because you don’t want to sit. 

We all have those days where you want to pull out your hair, scream as perhaps even cry with them. It is stressful and frustrating. 

Breath mama. Your the best, you will get through this day. 

Take a few deep breaths outside the room, gather yourself. 

Do yoga or another form of stress relieve/relaxation. Just for 10/15 min whilst your baby goes to sleep. Or wrap them on you and do it with them. 

Just don’t forget.. 

You can do this! 

You’re the best 

Besides, he’s over it now ๐Ÿ™‚


16 thoughts on “When it’s one of them days..

  1. A. I love your hair color!
    B. I love how kids can be so zen sometimes. Even after a tantrum, they just let it go and move onโ€ฆ.That smile proves it!!! Such a cutie!


  2. Someone beat me to it. I LOVE YOUR HAIR COLOR TOO! And I love this post. It’s raw and uncensored. We have these days, all of us. I don’t care how many people lie about it, or post happy pictures. They too, have these days. Thank you for being honest about it. And I love your hair.


  3. Oh, this sounds familiar. I’m starting to think my toddler really is trying to kill me. Except he’s so darn cute I can’t stay exasperated for too long ๐Ÿ™‚ Yours is a cutie too! You said it best…breathe, mama! Thanks for the fun post!


  4. Girl, we have all been there!! I had a doozy of a day yesterday. My husband had actually been off for a couple of days, and my oldest behaves much better when he’s home. When he leaves after a couple of days around….she let’s it all loose, which makes for a CRAZY day for all of us! I have no idea why, since her daddy and I are pretty good at keeping on the same page and supporting each other in discipline. He just gives them more sugary treats than I do. Thanks for making me feel less alone in my AHHHHH!!!!


    1. It’s very much the same here, as if daddy comes with a magic behaviour spell! Shame it always seems to pop when he is back at work. But then we also get more sweet and cuddly moments that make up for it ๐Ÿ™‚

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