Disposable vs cloth – round 1


I know you have heard of them dreaded washable diapers.
You know, them things that you wash clean of poo and wee in your washing machine, the same machine that washes your clothes..
Them things that add on your already mahoosive washing pile.

Well let me tell you something..


  • It can save you money.
    I say can because it can also come with a cloth addiction.
  • You will save on garbage disposal.
    At least 1 bag a week, 5 a month! It all adds, and weighing at 500 years+ for decomposing.. What a crappy gift to leave your great great grandkids.       nappy-pile
  • Allot more bum friendly.
    The amount of heavy chemicals in a diaper is scary, TBT is in the plastic and Sodium Polyacrylate is what helps absorb liquids. Did you know  Sodium Polyacrylate has been banned since 1985 in tampons (believed to be related to toxic shock syndrome) yet it’s still very present in diapers??!  (and that is only because diapers aren’t used internal, but do not forget how close to the skin they are!)

Those three points certainly have made up my mind.
You will not work your arse off to make a cloth bum happen.
If that didn’t do it for you, then so be it.
Here are a few more images to make my point come across.

640x426xvisual-disposables-vs-cloth-1024x682_jpg_pagespeed_ic_RK-TkD_AC8 Logan 5 months



*pictures starring my dearest Logan*



12 thoughts on “Disposable vs cloth – round 1

  1. There is soooo much info out there about cloth diapering. It is a bit overwhelming to be honest and truly seems like more work, which a new mom just doesn’t need. I love the idea of less trash, saving money (who doesn’t want to save money) but maybe it just doesn’t fly with me because I felt so stressed the first couple of weeks after having baby #1 that cleaning diapers was the last thing I wanted to deal with.


    1. But then no one says you have to start at the first day your baby is born. I didn’t start until my second son was 3 months old. You can start whenever you want to, but it is something people often overlook because like you said, it can be overwhelming. We use washing machines these days, all we have to do is load and unload, which takes around 20 minutes tops, then stuff the diapers which you can do just before you change their bum or whilst sitting on the sofa. A change is better then no change at all


    1. Something is always better then nothing 🙂 Even if it’s one diaper a week, that would still save 104
      in two years. Its really hard when places like childcare won’t do it, you cant force them into it yet they don’t have much choice if the child in question had diaper allergies. After all, the washing comes home with us


    2. Why won’t your childcare provider use your cloth nappies? What is there reasoning? When i was looking around nurseries it was one of my questions. If they didn’t agree to use our cloth, we wouldn’t consider them. In the end 4/5 we looked at agreed to use them. At our nursery the staff love our cloth and always ask questions. I even get money knocked off my bill as disposables are included in the fees where he is. So we pay a toddler price. It also scores them points with OFSTED as they are treating children individually. I’m in the UK, I’m not sure if it’s different elsewhere? But if you want your child in cloth that’s your choice, surely they should respect that decision.


  2. Ten years ago I wanted to cloth diaper, but I had such a hard time finding information and resources. It’s much different now. There’s so much info available on the web. I know today I’d cloth diaper for sure.

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    1. It is, and though it can be a bit too much it has certainly upgraded from terry squares. You can find so many different systems that there is bound to be one working for each individual


  3. I have a few friends who have cloth diapered and they love it. I didn’t with my son probably because I’m just lazy. I am expecting another one though, so maybe I’ll give it a try. There are so many cute options now.


    1. Haha I love that you used the word lazy as allot of the times it does come down to it (not slating every mum, but it is a reason most wont admit)
      There are allot of cute options out there! Beware of the diaper addiction as new ones come out each season change 😉


  4. I LOVE cloth diaper posts! I used the same disposable/cloth diaper comparison photo (with the mountain of disposable diapers in the display case) in one of my posts. It’s daunting. What’s even better is the monetary amount used with the original photo for cloth diapering cost is still WAY more than I found my cloth diapers for, so with the monetary difference too, there’s just no question!

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  5. I love the Cloth Rocks cover! We cloth diaper at our house. Right now we are diaper free since the toddler potty trained early, but I’m already thinking about diapers for the next one. Before I have always done disposable for the first couple of weeks and then gone to cloth, but I might try cloth fright off the bat this time…


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