Why kids are great! 

Kids are awesome because 

  • They love belly buttons. 
  • They dance out of nowhere for you.
  • They cook you food. 
  • They ask for strawberries all year round.
  • They share their freshly sucked paci/dummy with you. 
  • They ask if you need them to help wipe your bum. 
  • They give spontaneous kisses. 
  • They swim on your wooden floor. 
  • They clap when they’ve eaten their dinner.
  • They clap and praise when you’ve done a wee. 
  • They love it when you swirl in a dress. 
  • They swim with sharks in the bath. 
  • They read you a story holding the book upside down. 
  • They always grin when you hang your face above them. 
  • They hysterically laugh over ‘silly billy, smelly belly’ and other rhyming words.
  • They pick you flowers (from the neighbours garden) 
  • They love cuddling the dog/cat/bunny. 
  • They make you drawings. 
  • They run at you from kindergarten with open arms. 
  • They think your the prettiest mum/dad ever.
  • They have ‘phone calls’ with anyone at anytime. 
  • They sleep like angels. 
  • They find you all sorts of bugs. 
  • They would share their favourite sweets.
  • They eat the spread of the sandwich. 
  • And lick the filling of a cookie. 
  • They go on an adventure out of nowhere. 
  • No one is better then their mum or dad. 
  • They get extremely excited over a surprise. 
  • They love playing in a box.
  • They think your wobbly bits are soft and cuddly.
  • They give you a drum solo out of nowhere. 
  • They love talking to people about you.
  • They love you unconditionally. 


11 thoughts on “Why kids are great! 

  1. Ok, so this is one of the best things I’ve read all day. Every single one made me smile – because they’re true! Thanks for posting this and remind us all what a blessing our little ones are. ❤


  2. It’s always so good to remember all the wonderful things about kids… especially on the days where they may be driving us up the wall. They really are incredible.


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