The heartache of evaps

Low and behold, there is a line.
*This is my test, a few hours after testing and not seeing a line at first.

Anyone who has taken numerous pregnancy tests squint.
Desperate to see something, (or nothing) even the faintest line.
We keep the test, relook, put it away.
Look again.
Bin it.
Look again, each time you open that bin.

Its frustrating and very elusive.
When you stare to long at one place, things will appear, especially lines.
So we take a picture, filter, send it to a friend..

Something is there.
You both agree, you think about when you took the test and realise you are outside the time zone.

That right there, should not have happened.
When the time zone is done, you need to destroy that test.
Freaking stamp on it, take it apart, put it through the shredder, drive your car over it! It is UNVALID.
After the time zone the strip test starts drying out, which sometimes results in discolouring of your pregnancy indicator line.

Any line is a line, you don’t get false positives.

That is BULLSHIT (excuse the language) reread the above written text and you tell me that the line of dried out wee and test colouring is a positive line.

Then there are blue dye tests.
These tests are evil. These tests will say unless there is a clear line it is not considered valid. WTF?!
See these little devils leak..
They leak either just within the grove of your pregnancy indicator line or just outside.

Example of leaked lines.
I mean come on!
You have been warned, buy them if you want but you get just as much result as pulling yes or no out of a hat.

Have you ever had an evap or leaked dye line?
I am angry and sorry, I genuinely am.


4 thoughts on “The heartache of evaps

  1. I’m so sorry! We tried for four months for this pregnancy and every negative test was heartbreaking. I know that isn’t a long time at all compared to some people but I do understand a little of what you feel.


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