10 ways to keep them eyes open

Welcome to the matchstick club!

Seriously.. Whomever told my son that 4.30 is the new 6am, I will find you..
And I will send Liam Neeson to you.
I could sit, slumber and struggle to keep the matchsticks in place (and probably nod off one or two times) or help myself stay awake.
But how do you do it, when you have no energy what so ever?

  • Eat the right foods
    What ever you do, do NOT skip breakfast! Don’t eat big filling meals and try to limit sugary snacks, they all make you crash hard.. Snack yes, just keep it healthy, if your lucky like me all your snacks will be divided by the amount of kids you have.
  • Exercise
    I have had bad bad days, but lets face it, the sofa will swallow you up at some point today.. Do a quick 10 star jumps, walking after your toddler to close the kitchen cabinet for the fifth time does not count. 
  • Nap
    Always a good one, unfortunately if you have kids this will not work. You see, kids smell that you are needing and trying to rest, so they will stay awake and become extremely demanding. Do not risk this option.
  • Get dressed
    You won’t get out of the pj mood if you stay in them. Go to the bathroom, wash yourself and attempt to get dressed without having a mini human empty your full wardrobe (that alone will sharpen you up).
  • Flick a switch
    Going from dark to bright helps waken you up, play peekaboo with longer peek and boo times (also a saver way not to break your light bulb)
  • Sing
    Breath control is a great way to get energised from the extra oxygen. Perfect time to whack out ‘best Disney songs’ we all know the words better then the latest top 40 songs these days..
  • Do something new
    Though I often fail when Im tired, nothing keeps me more focussed, concentrated, off the sofa, busy then trying out a new recipe, challenge myself.
  • Water
    Did you know by not drinking enough you reduce your cognitive function by 30%! Its not only good to drink but also to splash, sudden bursts of water on our face helps us wake, bring on bath time!
  • Keep busy
    Now is the time to sort the toys out! Not only will you entertain your child, you finally get that dreaded task done. Sort off, as long as your quick enough to keep the throw away pile together..
  • Laugh
    Perk up to wake up, do something silly or watch something funny and I don’t mean that quick giggle when you see your toddler awkwardly prevent himself from falling over.

If all fails, lay on the floor. I will promise you, your tiny humans will not let you sleep.


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