Analysing body fluids

‘uuh’ ‘aaaa’ ‘mum mum’ ‘ooh’

6.20 ugh finally we’ve passed the 5am mark, time to wake up.
I stumble to the toilet as today I need to pee in peace, not with a toddler on me..
I need to analyse my obsession, look at the discharge, hope for an increase because decrease would  most likely mean I’m not.
It’s still there, phew.. It could mean nothing, we’re not even ttc..


Oh right, Logan is up.

As I open his bedroom door I am greeted with wide arms and the crying starts.
I understand, it is overwhelming to see me in the morning.
As I lift him out I get the best cuddle, followed by a wet sticky substance in my neck. I look at him closely, bright green thick snot is blocking up both nostrils. Great.
It’s green, green means the bug is leaving, it’s the road of recovery snot.

Definition of mucus colours;

  • Cleargreat, healthy, nothing to worry about yet. Unless it’s runny and soon turns foggy.
  • Whiteusually the start of a cold or nasal infection, start loading up on Vicks, chamomile tea and dust off the humidifier.
  • Yellowyour body is fighting the potential infection, be prepared for a cold lasting 10 days or more.
  • Greenyour body is fighting the big battle and the green fluids are the soldiers from your side that did not survive, help your immune system gain, eat fruit, take in the sun. 
  • Black unless it’s dirt please consult a doctor, this could be a sign of a serious infection. 

I am armed with a muslin, ready to fight the battle on the outside, but I’m often too late and left with snail trails on my trousers or shirt.
Who said motherhood isn’t glamorous?

Tips on how to survive

  • SteamingOn bad days we stand in the bathroom and put the shower on the hottest setting, sometimes I add a drop of olbas oil and put the plug in the bath.
  • HumidifierSame point as steaming, added bonus is that you can have it in their room without much hassle
  • A wet cloth/muslin/towel over the radiatorAgain, add two or three drops of olbas oil just to help clear the airways.
  • Vapor rubs –  Use an age appropriate version, rub it in on the chest and back to help ease symptoms. Old wives tale is to smother the bottom of the feet and cover with socks, it hasn’t worked for us but does for others, always worth a shot? (three months onwards)
  • Chamomile teaMy old time favourite, hot drinks are great to help clear mucus but chamomile actually helps break it up, also anti inflammatory and helps ease the stomach (suitable for all ages, can be passed through breastmilk) 
  •  Elevate the mattressput a spare pillow or a couple of folded blankets at the head end, make sure you check at night as my oldest always ended sleeping at feet end.

What are your tips to help your little one ease through a cold?


7 thoughts on “Analysing body fluids

  1. So gross! Great tips though! I’ve never used vapor rub before, seems like it would work well. I think you covered everything! I hope you and your little one are in the clear soon!


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