How to succesfully clean with a toddler

Sometimes they just do not let you have the day you need it to be.
You need to clean and they decide you simply will not.
They will not nap.
They will not happily play.
They will not sit in their high chair all day.
They rather just be right in front of your feet or cling on one leg.

I usually wear my toddler on my back, when I need to vacuum, cook or put washing away but since he started walking he is not always in the mood and I respect that.
Unfortunately my house doesn’t clean itself (someone, anyone! Please upgrade technology!)

There are a few things that I save for lunch or snacktime, when he is safely in his highchair, such as the toilet (ever so interesting to drop items in) or cleaning out the litterbox (who doesn’t want to ride their digger in there)

So here are my handful of tips to hopefully make your life a bit easier.

  • Have a cupboard in the kitchen with pots and pans they are allowed to play with. Normal toys don’t always cut it, its more fun to play with something that isn’t theirs.
  • Let them help you, even if it’s not that helpful. Avoid tantrums, give a wet wipe or fill a clean spray can (preferably new, we all know they cant resist putting it in their mouth) with a bit of water and give a cloth. Ask older kids to help clean big toys.
  • Make a game out of tidying up toys. No one likes to pick it up and no one likes to stand on them, so be noisy, sing a song, do a dance, they will soon follow your lead. If not, at least you done your daily exercise.
  • Place a basket of rotating toys near the wardrobe. Rotate often, nothing is more attractive than pulling out neatly folded clothes, distraction is key on this one!
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals. Do I really need to explain why? Antibacterial  really isn’t healthy to lick.
  • Fill a bowl with soapy water and put it on towels on the floor. How much fun is playing with water, why not combine it with small dirty toys? Or for a less messy option, take them with in the bath!

If all fails and you really need some help, perhaps its wise to invest in this

What are your tips to clean with tiny humans around?



7 thoughts on “How to succesfully clean with a toddler

  1. Great tips! I let my children “help” a lot, and it really works wonders. My five year old is actually genuinely helpful a lot of the time now. The tub of water with little toys in it is great for my two year old when I’m working in the kitchen. Although I wouldn’t say that my house is ever truly spic and span…LOL


  2. Those are great tips. I have to admit that I found it easier when ours were toddlers. Now that they are preschoolers, it is more of a challenge (but perhaps that is because I have four 4 year-old children!)


  3. That picture cracked me up! So funny! I find incorporating them does help keep them happy and involved, even though it doesn’t necessarily help with the cleaning! Great ideas 🙂


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