The dangers of ‘what if’

what if

What if..
It makes you wonder, it makes you think.
But most dangerous of all, it makes you hope.

Hope can be great, hope can pull you through dark days, hope can give you courage.
But hope can also destroy and break your heart.

So what do you do when you got yourself in a situation that makes you wonder ‘what if’
I can’t help but wonder, plan and dream of an outcome.
I can’t help but hope, even when it really would be bad timing, even when it was not in the planning.
Even when it has such a small chance to be true, I still do.

I can’t even say the word, it gives me hope, it makes me crave.
I can’t talk about it, because it wasn’t meant to be now, not for a few years.
Despite the outcome we will work our way around and happiness is always found.
See here I go again, following the dangerous ‘what if’..

Holy crap, it’s another two week wait.


6 thoughts on “The dangers of ‘what if’

  1. I’ll keep you in my thoughts, hoping for a “positive” outcome. This was a very beautiful way to express your feelings!


  2. I’m always worrying about the “What if?” Sometimes I think I set myself up for failure because of it. Here’s to positive thoughts and trying not to let what if stand in our way!


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