Motivation, where forth art thou

It’s gone, sneaked of like a thief in the night and left me with devlation on the sofa. 

All I want to do is eat crap, sit down and do nothing. I can’t be asked to tidy, again. Do the washing, again. Clean up and vacuum, again. Only for it to start again tomorrow. Let me just eat and do nothing. I’ll do it tomorrow or the day after, I promise, I think. 

Something has to change that attitude, I might not be motivated but it is no excuse to sit and gain pounds I certainly do not need or let my house turn into a mess. My jeans are already tightening up, it’s time to change. 

So how does one get a pep back in its step? 

Excersize does, regardless of what kind, 15 minutes a day makes a big difference in attitude. It’s not always easy, I have a toddler who thinks it’s hilarious to crawl underneath my legs when I try to do lunges or cuddle me when I’m working on my abs. Work around it or with it. This morning I held him on my belly as I was squatting down, it sure gives some counterweight.

 There is no excuse unless you want an excuse. 

This morning I made a change, I didn’t want to, but sitting still and doing nothing will get me nowhere. 

Do I feel more motivated to do my chores, slightly but not much. But if I don’t do it, no one else will. It will just be left for a later time. 

So get up and get on with it, the only thing of what will happen is actually getting it done. Your house will be clean, your jeans not so tight. 

The only person that can make a change is you. 


3 thoughts on “Motivation, where forth art thou

  1. Oh man! I am am exactly right there with you! My jeans are starting to tighten. I’m almost done nursing so I’m not going to be burning extra calories anymore. I absolutely need to start exercising. Thanks for the reminder-and motivation!


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